It’s no secret that a healthy body can increase work productivity for employees. But unfortunately, this one important aspect also often gets overlooked. To ensure that employees can be as productive when working, they need to consume clean healthy food that can support their focus and brain capability.

There are various reasons why healthy food can help support your productivity and thus increase work performance!

Relationship between healthy food and productivity

Unhealthy and varied foods will reduce your body’s performance. This is directly related to employee capability and productivity while working. Without healthy food, these are some of the impacts that employees might experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Quick to anger
  • not excited
  • Decreased ability to think clearly
  • Decreased ability to complete work effectively

There are lots of reasons why employee productivity can be significantly impacted just because of unhealthy food. When an employee is having lunch that is too high in carbohydrates, fat, and energy, it can cause headaches. Also oftentimes, the feeling of fullness after they finish eating can make them feel drowsy.

Beyond that, when employees eat food that is too high in sugar, it probably can serve as a short boost for them. Make them feel energetic, and thus able to work optimally. However, it only happens for a short time. They can suddenly feel weak, tired, and even have headaches and migraines. All of these symptoms can make it difficult for the employee to focus, be able to solve problems, and even process information. Skills that can help to cultivate their capability when working will be greatly reduced.

Simple Tricks To Help Employees Eat Better

For employees who need healthy food to be able to work productively, we have compiled the best 6 tricks that you can try. This list can be useful, be it for the employee or the company, to figure out what they can do in order to enhance work performance.

What companies can do:

Provide healthy lunch

Employees should not try to delay their lunch, no matter how busy they are. Delaying lunch can leave them hungry at times when they shouldn’t. Thus, this will trigger them to look for a snack. Snacks usually have a high level of sugar or Monosodium glutamate. This is not a healthy kind of food that is dangerous to employees’ health and productivity.

One good strategy that the company can do is by providing healthy food catering for employees to have their lunch. This extra budget is going to be worth it because not only will it help make sure employees eat healthy food at the right time, but it can also help make sure that employees don’t have to go out to buy their lunch.

Thus this extra time can be used by the employee to either work right away after eating, or to have extra rest time – the employee can work better afterward.

Provide water bottles

One thing that is often overlooked when discussing the importance of healthy eating is ensuring employees drink sufficient amounts of water. Employees should meet their daily water needs, and avoid high-sugar drinks that are high in energy but low in nutrition.

Water is really important for everyone’s life. It is one of the essences of life, and without a proper amount of it inside our body – it can decrease overall condition. One thing that a company can do to make sure employees drink a lot is by purchasing a water bottle in bulk and providing it at the office. Thus whenever anyone needs to drink, they can just grab everything on the go. My Own Water is an example of a good water bottle producer that employees can hire to fulfill their employee’s water needs.

What employees can do:

Don’t forget to eat breakfast and dinner

The first thing you can do and pay attention to is having a complete and balanced breakfast and dinner everyday. No matter how busy or tight the schedule is, eating breakfast and dinner at the right time is important. Eating on the right schedule not only helps to increase your productivity but also keeps you healthy. Not only eating at the right time, but choosing the right menu is equally as important. A good food menu must contain carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.

Choose healthy snacks

Remember that the importance of eating healthy is also including healthy snacks. Avoid snacks high in sugar, salt and fat. You can choose fruit or nuts to replace less balanced nutritious snacks.

Reduce sugar and salt intake

Food with high sugar can cause diabetes. Meanwhile, foods high in salt can trigger high blood pressure. The maximum consumption of sugar in a day is four teaspoons. Salt itself should not be consumed more than 1 teaspoon in a day. Making sure you eat healthy food that doesn’t have a high level of sugar and salt is important to maintain your health and focus. You can also lower the possibility of you taking a sick leave. Thus you can use your leave for other exciting plans, such as vacationing with family!

With healthy food, employees can work better, and thus increase their work productivity. Making sure that employees can eat better can also be done by the company. With the extra budget and effort of the company spares, it will do wonders for employee success and future performance!

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By dr.dre