I’m a fitness expert – there are the 10 habits you need to do daily to lose weight

AS summer approaches, many of us are thinking of ways we can shed the pounds – and fast.

But it’s sometimes hard to shift through the mountains of weight-loss advice to find what actually works.

The fitness expert shared ten tips you should stick to daily in order to lose weight


The fitness expert shared ten tips you should stick to daily in order to lose weightcredit: Getty

Bodybuilder, Joe Delaney, is here to cut through the noise.

In a recent video, Joe, who’s also a personal trainer, shared ten tips you should stick to daily in order to lose weight.

Losing weight is not a glamourous, grandiose activity, it’s the “cumulative result of small, repetitive and distinctly undramatic actions”, the expert said.

“It’s the manifestation of unspectacular but unrelenting habits,” he added.

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That being said, here are the small changes you can make to your life to help you shift the weight.

1. Weighing yourself everyday

By weighing ourselves each day, we’re not just tracking our progress, but also instigating it, Joe said.

“Half the reason people find success using online coaches is because online coaches make them accountable and check in regularly.

“And you know what’s cheaper, but just as effective as an online coach? A set of scales,” he said.

Recording your weight is the first thing, every morning, is one of the best habits you can adopt when trying to lose weight.

2. Prioritize resistance training

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to shed pounds and get lean is focusing on running.

“This just leaves people looking like a smaller version of themselves, because although they do get leaner, they don’t have any muscles to look defined.”

Instead, use that energy you could spend on running in the gym lifting weights.

This will not only help you lose weight, but also aid muscle growth and the combination will make you look lean.

3. Plan ahead

You need to make the same healthy choices over and over again.

“While accepting that there is an element of uncertainty that comes with life, you should do as much as you can plan ahead when it comes to your training, nutrition and rest.”

This could mean, prepping your gym outfit, your meals or deciding what time of day you’re going to the gym.

“Whatever it is, the organization is your friend,” Joe explained.

4. Controlled cheating

It’s actually good to cheat – on occasion – the guru says.

Pick one meal, or even day, per week, in which you allow yourself to eat foods you’ve been craving.

Joe said: “It’s far easier to stick to your diet if you’ve got some sort of small reward to look forward to.

“If you don’t plan for these cheat meals you can become a victim to your impulses,” he added.

5. Establish a sleep routine

“Tiredness kills gains,” Joe said.

Being sleepy during the day can leave you feeling less motivated and more likely to break your healthy regime.

A strict bedtime you don’t compromise on should probably be the first thing you do when trying to lose weight.

6. Whole foods

Try eating clean – at least for the vast majority of the time.

“Unprocessed foods are typically far more filling and healthy than processed foods,” Joe explained.

Your goal should be to experience hunger as little as possible.

And sugar – which is found at high levels in processed foods – often leaves us craving more food, he said.

8. Stay hydrated

Staying quenched is a good way to stop hunger.

“Drinking water with meals can help you feel more full – because you are literally, more full,” the fitness guru said.

But you should also find a drink to entertain yourself throughout the day while not eating.

Joe suggested guzzling on coffee, tea, or diet fizzy drinks.

9. Stay busy

Boredom often gets confused for hunger.

“It’s an easy mistake to make, but they’re not the same thing. Fill your day with activities so you don’t start thinking about food.”

Keeping busy will also stop you thinking about the fact you are dieting, which could make you want to eat more.

9. Burn calories for fun

Find some sort of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

“I like kicking a ball around, maybe you like going on walks.

“Find something that will contribute towards your calorie burn without feeling like its a chore.”

10. Track EVERY calorie

To begin with, it’s worth counting every calorie you consume.

It’s good practice to be meticulous.

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“All small calories add up, or at other times, you might think something is inconsequential, but it’s not,” Joe said.

“This is the single most effective tool you can use – so use it,” he added.

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